Who We Are & What We Believe

Syncbubble is an award winning music agency run by music experts.
We are composers, musicians and producers with over 30 years of
experience in the advertising and film industries.
We create, produce and manage all aspects of a brand’s audio needs.

We believe the way brands currently procure music and sound for communications
is inefficient, expensive and negatively impacts performance.

The audio element of communication isn’t given the same care and attention as the visual elements.

No agency is given overall responsibility for audio; it is often spread across the roster of
creative agencies, all specialists in their own disciplines, but none experts in music & sound.
Channel and content demands have increased dramatically, but few brands
have reacted by adopting an integrated approach to audio.

Without a strategy, without clear responsibility and without the input of experts,
audio is often relegated to the status of after-thought.
It becomes a series of expensive ‘one-offs‘ rather than part of a cohesive plan.
The brand is acoustically schizophrenic, leaving consumers disengaged or confused.

We believe there is a better way.