Who We Are & What We Offer

Syncbubble is an award winning creative music agency at the forefront of innovation within the advertising and film industry. What sets us apart from our contemporaries is we are the only music company run by actual composers and music producers.

We acknowledge how difficult finding music can be and we appreciate that most people don’t understand the process or have the requisite skill set to comprehend the work involved. With over 30 years’ experience composing in the industry, we have seen the same problems arise over and over again, which is why we aim to do things differently at Syncbubble.

We believe there is a very clear science to the function of music in advertising & film and this is why we approach each campaign forensically. Our methodical technique allows for greater efficiency (the work is completed faster and under budget), while never neglecting or hindering the creative process.

Furthermore, we have spent the past several years designing and building Syncbubble.com; a unique online virtual cinema. Syncbubble is a composer curated music search engine and revolutionary piece of software that allows you to upload a film, search for music and immediately audition to picture, save your results and share with others.

Syncbubble enables you to sync your film to thousands of carefully curated pieces of music, both published and from our own bespoke catalogue. It also allows the user to forensically understand the function of music. You’ll either find a usable track or formulate a coherent brief within minutes.

We built Syncbubble to save our client’s time and money, whilst introducing the advertising industry to music previously unheard, providing new possibilities for brands and campaigns.

For further information or if you’d like an in-person Syncbubble tutorial | info@syncbubble.com