Music to Match any Brief

It should go without saying but genre isn’t an issue for us at all. Due to fact everyone involved in Syncbubble is a composer, we are capable of writing for any brief in any style. Our main aim is to avoid the blandness of so much advertising music by getting the relevant artists involved.

If your brief requires a cinematic piece of music then we will get a film composer to work their magic. Or if you’re in need for a rap song, we will get a Hip Hop artist who lives and breaths in that world. We, as a whole, are a collection of artists and authenticity is our game.

We are also quite adept at re-records. If you can afford the publishing but not the master then we are the people to speak to about what you can and can’t do. We have re-worked hit Motown tracks right through to Disney classics; let us create you something better than the original.

For your listening pleasure, here is a HipHop track we wrote for the very worthwhile Kenco cause; Coffee Vs Gangs.

Coffee Vs Gangs from Syncbubble on Vimeo.