Managing Your Legal Risk

Is Your Legal Risk Being Managed Properly?

Legal risk and music are two things we don’t like to see in the same sentence but unfortunately the danger of brands getting themselves into expensive predicaments is on the increase.

Recent well publicised cases in the music industry such as Williams/Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye Foundation (ironically over the song, ‘Blurred Lines’), are likely to have a knock-on effect in the advertising industry (Eminem vs. New Zealand National Party and Eminem vs. Audi).

Peter Oxendale, one of the world’s leading musicologists recently told Syncbubble, ‘It’s turned into a bare-knuckle fist fight out there‘. Peter is predicting an avalanche of lawsuits in 2018 and beyond.

It’s not enough to ensure music used by a brand is free from infringement, you also need to ensure that the process to commission that piece of music is also free from any intent to copy.

Paper trails and conversations between agencies and composers, agencies and clients, or directors and editors all need to be whiter than white.

Our experience of this world and our network of experts could prove invaluable to you and the agencies you work with.

Music should be a source of enjoyment and enhanced brand performance, not one of pain and financial heartache, don’t you agree?