More Of Our Work

GiffGaff | Free To Go. Free To Stay.

Stunning ad with an exquisite piece of music to accompany it.

Planters | Grab Our Tasty Nuts

Very playful marching composition to accompany this funny animation for Planters' UK launch.

Ford | Active Noise

We brought our warm electronic chops to this bright Ford campaign.

Heinz | Seriously Good Mayo

Our take on Kodo Drums add to the anticipation of being fed mayo. Yum.

Activia | In Sync

Activia required emotional cinematic music and we delivered.

Nike | Force of Nature

Our thunderous driving sound accompanies our athletes in this scenic spot.

Homebase | Hidden

Lead by an emotive piano composition, we would buy every single thing in this ad.

Maynards | Private Jet

If you're gonna fly private, gonna need a fly beat.

Travel Zoo | The Sea

We love advertising like this; simple and funny.

Lexus | Life Up

With every loop our composition builds and builds.

CO-OP | It’s Good To Be Different

We honestly can't get enough of putting folk music on to our ads.

Canon | Urban Deer

Jonathan Glazer & Syncbubble combine for a beautiful atmospheric film.

Pension Wise | Your Money

Our uplifting piece of music makes thinking about pensions a positive experience.

Ford | The Impossible Park

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what's the greatest car of them all?

Cornetto | Shadow Dancer

A very cool and colourful film we are quite proud of.