April Playlist

This month we would like to introduce you to some great music by artists you might not be familiar with.
In the modern digital age which we now live in, it is rare to stumble upon an act few people know about.
In the pre digital days of the 70s & 80s (hell, even the 90s too) we often discovered new music through pirate radio or bootleg tapes or magazines or compilation CDs that came free with magazines.
It was easy to hear a song and fall in love with a band nobody else knew about.
The song was yours. The band was yours. The term ‘selling out’ wasn’t cliché or archaic.

As early as 2005 I was discovering new artists and songs through unrivalled publications like Plan B or Foggy Notions (one of the great music magazines of our times).
I first came across Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys through their Myspace profiles, back when social media was less about data and more about being pals with Tom.
I actively sought out new music, whereas nowadays Spotify Discovery does all the searching for you.
Their algorithm tracks your listening patterns and recommends music based off of what you listen to.
The days of buying a record by an act you’ve never heard of purely because of the artwork are nonexistent.

Bearing that in mind, I’d like for you to think of this month’s playlist as me handing you a bunch of 12″ records with stunning artwork by musicians you have never heard of.
It is going to be a mixed bag because I find themed playlists to be a bit tired and banal.
Maybe you are familiar with some of these acts but just haven’t listened to them in several years and didn’t know they are still releasing music.
Or perhaps the name rings a bell but the music is an unknown.
Either way, the Syncbubble Monthly Playlist™ is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on a Wednesday afternoon, as you slide down the midweek hump and get ready for the weekend (Thursday is the new Friday after all).