Access to an Exciting Roster of Talent

We have two separate rosters of talent available to you no matter what the brief.

Not only does our roster of published musicians compose to brief, they are also open to re-working their original songs for your project.
If you’re a brand and wish to find yourself an artist to spread your message in a new campaign, our longstanding association with labels, publishers and managers means we have direct route to any musician you require.
Starting in 2018 we will be signing some of these artists exclusively to Syncbubble; it will be the only place you can license their music from.

We also have a very sought after roster of composers who specialise in advertising and long-form film.
All of our writers who compose bespoke pieces are multi-instrumentalists, so no brief is too daunting or difficult.

We quite enjoy it when we get to combine cinematic music with short-form advertising, as can be seen here in the brand new Lotus Tissue campaign.

Lotus | Refresh from Syncbubble on Vimeo.