What We Can Do For Your Brand

Whatever your immediate audio need, we can help…

It may be developing an audio logo (think ‘Intel Inside‘), sourcing music for a new product video, or finding the right voiceover for your brand film.

It could be recording a soundtrack for a series of content videos, creating a soundscape for a retail space, or putting music to your new TV campaign.

You may need legal advice on a re-record, someone to negotiate usage rights for a famous track, or source emerging artists for a promotion or event.

We take on projects like these, big or small, but we believe we can provide the greatest value when we have an ongoing relationship; one that allows us to get to know you and the brand, take on responsibility as guardian of all things audio and provide guidance to other agencies and suppliers that work with the brand.

Not only does this make sense strategically, it also means we help you save money by reducing both the number of musical hares that are set running at the start projects, and the number of opinions that often chase after them.