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who is syncbubble

Syncbubble is an award-winning music agency based in Soho, London and run by music experts. We are composers, musicians and producers, with over 30 years of experience in the advertising and film industries. We create, produce and manage all aspects of a brand’s audio needs.

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What we know

The audio element of communication isn’t given the same care and attention as the visual elements. Only 17% of advertisers claim to have audio guidelines, compared to 86% who have visual guidelines. Without a strategy, clear responsibility and without the input of experts, audio is often relegated to the status of after-thought.

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what we can offer

Music Composition | Licensing & Negotiation | Audio Strategy | Project Consultation | Bespoke Library | Sound Design | Brand Partnerships | Lectures | Music Supervision | Scientific Research | Audio Guidelines | Talent Access | Post-production | Legal Services | Re-records & Soundalikes | Brand Auditing