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who is syncbubble

Syncbubble is an award-winning music agency based in Soho, London with a focus on the science of sound and the psychology of music. Working across branding, advertising, TV and film, we use science & creativity to help deliver our clients’ messages. We are composers, musicians and producers with over 30 years of experience in the advertising and film industries.

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What we know

The audio element of communication isn’t given the same care and attention as the visual elements. Only 17% of advertisers claim to have audio guidelines, compared to 86% who have visual guidelines. Without a strategy, clear responsibility and without the input of experts, science and creativity, audio is often relegated to the status of after-thought.

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what we can offer

Music Experiments | Science of Sound Consultation | Psychology of Music Consultation | Academic Research | Music Composition | Licensing & Negotiation | Audio Strategy | Project Consultation | Bespoke Library | Sound Design | Brand Partnerships | Lectures | Music Supervision | Scientific Research | Audio Guidelines | Talent Access | Post-production | Legal Services | Re-records & Soundalikes | Brand Auditing